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9 Semi-Finalist Names for SEAT’s New SUV

The initiative #SEATseekingName generated 9 proposals that have been selected to name the brand’s future third SUV, which will be going on sale in 2018. The 9 place names from all over the Spanish geography, selected among the 10,130 proposals received, which stand a chance of becoming one of the finalists on 12 September are the following:

  1. 1.Abrera
  2. 2.Alboran
  3. 3.Aran
  4. 4.Aranda
  5. 5.Avila
  6. 6.Donosti
  7. 7.Tarifa
  8. 8.Tarraco
  9. 9.Teide



The 9 semi-finalist proposals have successfully passed three different rounds defined by SEAT, which were closely supervised by company experts as well as an external naming agency and an industrial and intellectual property agency:

  1. 1. Brand values and product characteristics. To begin with, names were selected that fits with the brand values and the characteristics of the new large SUV, SEAT’s third following the Ateca and the Arona.
  2. 2.Linguistic criteria. After that, the names were put through a careful linguistic verification to ensure they are easy to pronounce in different languages and the positive connotations associated with them. Experts from a naming agency participated in this analysis.
  3. 3.Legal Criteria. Finally, the legal validity of the candidates was verified internationally to avoid, for example, that the names were already registered by other brands in any of the markets where SEAT operates. An industrial and intellectual property expert collaborated in this third and final stage. 

Starting now, SEAT is going to organise several focus groups in its main markets and will carry out tests in different countries where it sells its vehicles to select at least three finalists from among the 9 shortlisted names.

Luca de Meo


Given the enormously popular response to the project, SEAT President Luca de Meo explained that “the figures speak for themselves. We are very happy with the results of this initiative, which has managed to engage more than 130,000 people from 106 countries and reconnect the brand with Spanish society and fans all over the world, and we would like to thank everyone for participating. The time is fast approaching when we will all know the name of SEAT’s new SUV”.

SEAT is going to present the names of the finalists during a press conference on 12 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. From that day until 25 September, everybody aiming to vote for their favourite candidate will be able to do so on seat.com/seekingname and the name which receives the most votes will be the winner. SEAT will reveal the name of the new SUV before 15 October.

In this manner, for the first time in the history of SEAT, the name of one of its models will be chosen by popular vote. SEAT’s third SUV will continue the tradition of naming its models after Spanish place names, which began in 1982 with the Ronda right up to the most recent Arona, which was presented in Barcelona last 26 June.





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