New Leon Estate e-Hybrid (PHEV) Introducing the New Leon Estate e-Hybrid (PHEV) Starting From
New Leon Estate e-Hybrid (PHEV)

New SEAT Leon Etsate e-Hybrid PHEV

What is an e-Hybrid?

Electric. Petrol. More power.

The new SEAT Leon e-Hybrid is a Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or PHEV. Like most hybrids, it can recharge the battery automatically but you can also charge the battery by plugging it in. This means it will use the electric motor first and will only resort to the petrol engine for extra power.

To recharge, you simply plug it into a conventional power network.

This advanced technology means that the new SEAT Leon e-Hybrid

potentially has more range than a pure battery electric car.

e-Hybrid Benefits

Power your day in new ways.

Unlike a pure electric car, the New Leon e-Hybrid lets you increase your total range thanks to flexible charging options.

  •   The electric engine uses regenerative braking to increase range.
  •   Travel up to 38 miles* with zero CO2 emissions.
  •   Charge and use the battery when it suits you.
  •   Save money on your daily commute.

Technology and Safety


The plug-in 75 kW electric engine is combined with a 1.4 litre TSI engine to achieve 204 PS of power. Stronger together.


The new SEAT Leon e-Hybrid gets you where you want to go. Choose only electric mode for up to 38 miles* of range or opt for both electric and petrol to work together for a range of up to 497 miles*.


Who would have thought that braking helps you go further?

Regenerative braking recharges the electric motor to give you more power

on the road.

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