Your car. Your world. Connected.

Always out and about? Take control of everything from your smartphone. Just download the SEAT Connect app, create your SEAT ID and you can stay connected to your car wherever you go. Watch the videos below to learn more.


SEAT Connect

Register your SEAT with the Connect app

You can connect your new SEAT model with your smartphone through the Connect app^. Take a look at the video about how you can download the app and register your car or read on to learn more about the benefits of SEAT Connect.

Create your SEAT ID

Parking Manager*

Where did I park my car?

Can’t remember where you parked? Locate your car easily using GPS location services with your smartphone.

SEAT Mii electric sport seats

Driving data*

Manage your driving styles

Keep an eye on your driving data to work out how you can save even more. You can access information about both miles travelled and battery levels to pinpoint your most economical moments.

Create your SEAT ID

Remote controlled temperature*

You’re in control

Manage the interior temperature from your smartphone so that as soon as you open the door of your SEAT, whatever the weather is doing outside, it’ll always be just right.


Vehicle status*

Just drive

Allowing you full access to vehicle status and driving range, so you’ll never be more connected with your SEAT.

Create your SEAT ID

Anti-theft alerts*

Instant alerts to keep your car safe

SEAT Connect will notify you whenever someone (a not-very-nice someone) tries to open your car, break a window or force the doors. You can thank us later.


Area alert*

Set driving areas

Use the SEAT Connect app on your phone to easily define driving areas and times for your car – and get notified if your SEAT travels outside of those zones.

Create your SEAT ID

Horn and turn signals*

Forgot where you parked?

We’ve all been there. If you’re within 500 metres from your parked car, simply open SEAT Connect on your mobile, tap the Horn and Turn Signals option and your SEAT will flash the lights and sound the horn to show you the way.



Petrol station and parking*

Find your nearest petrol station

Need to fuel up or find a car park nearby? Your SEAT’s navigation system can show you the way. It will even list petrol prices and free parking spaces, so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Create your SEAT ID

Remote ventilation*

Keep your cool

Lower the temperature inside your car by activating the ventilation system from the SEAT Connect app on your mobile – before you hit the road.



Service Scheduling

Time for a service?

You can log into My SEAT to schedule your next service. Choose your preferred SEAT service partner and they will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Create your SEAT ID

Speed Alert*

Watch their speed

If you lend your car to a friend, you can set up speed alerts via the SEAT Connect app. Just one of the many remote access features to help you make the most of your SEAT.


Private emergency call

Help is on the way

If your car breaks down or if you’re involved in a minor crash, your vehicle’s data and location will be automatically sent to the SEAT Breakdown Call Centre, who will initiate a voice connection with you. In case of a serious collision, emergency services will be called automatically.

Create your SEAT ID

Private mode

Your data, your rules

Choosing the level of data privacy will determine the SEAT Connect features available to you. Whatever the choice, you’re always in control of your data.


Delete user

Fresh start?

When it’s time to upgrade to a shiny new SEAT, you can restore your car’s factory settings and delete your SEAT ID in just a few simple taps. This way, you can be sure your user data will be completely removed.

SEAT Connect


Step 1 : Create your SEAT ID

Just click on the link below to create your SEAT ID. All you need to do is register your name, country and email address.

Create my SEAT ID


Step 2 : Download the SEAT Connect app

Open the App store (Apple or Google Play) and search for SEAT Connect App. Download the app, login with your SEAT profile, register your SEAT and off you go.

Download the SEAT Connect app for Apple
Download the SEAT Connect app for Android

*This service or function is free of charge for the first year of ownership. Please consult your SEAT Retailer for renewal costs for the subsequent years.

The SEAT Connect services can be operated only by using available public communication technologies. Please note that due to development of these technologies, especially mobile networks, SEAT cannot guarantee consistent availability in all countries for the duration of SEAT Connect services. Possible changes in technology may cause permanent unavailability of them.