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SEAT UK is encouraging the uptake of latest generation, by today launching an attractive scrappage scheme. 

/ Encourages scrappage of older diesel vehicles against the purchase of latest, hi-tech Euro 6 models
/ Incentives of up to £3,500, according to the model, apply to new petrol and diesel models
/ Vehicles traded in will be scrapped rather than sold on
/ Offers available to owners of any diesel vehicle registered before 2010 (pre-Euro 5)

SEAT UK is encouraging the uptake of the latest generation, lower-emission new cars, in tandem with the removal of older, Euro 1-4 emissions standards vehicles from the UK car parc, by today launching an attractive scrappage scheme. 

Owners of any diesel vehicle that complies with pre-Euro 5 emissions legislation qualify for the SEAT Scrappage Incentive. They are able to trade-in the vehicle to benefit from incentives – ranging from £1,500 to £3,500 – against several new SEAT models (see table below) if the vehicle is ordered by 31 December 2017. The trade-in vehicle needs to have been owned by the customer for at least six months.

All new SEAT petrol and diesel cars meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards, currently the most stringent yet.

Summary of offers on Euro 6 petrol and diesel models:

Model Purchased Scrappage Amount (inc. VAT)
Mii £1,500
Ibiza £2,500
Leon £3,500
Toledo £3,000

Additional notes:

Euro emissions standards

The ‘Euro 1‘ standard was introduced in 1992 to help reduce vehicle emissions. Progressively more stringent Euro standards have been implemented since then, helping to lower emissions still further. ‘Euro 6‘, the standard that all new petrol and diesel cars must meet, is currently the toughest yet.

To discover whether a diesel vehicle will qualify for the SEAT Scrappage Incentive offer, customers can visit the Vehicle Certification Agency website or ask their nearest SEAT dealer.

Full offer details

  • The incentive applies only to any diesel vehicle (any make/model) that meets Euro 1-4 legislation, registered before 1 January 2010
  • Traded-in vehicle needs to have been registered in the owner’s name for at least six months
  • Trade-in vehicle must be scrapped
  • Applies to orders between 1 September and 31 December 2017, to be registered by 31 March 2018
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other, existing offers across the SEAT range

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