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The All-new Seat Ibiza, the most iconic model

The All-new Ibiza, the fifth generation of SEAT´S most iconic model, was this year’s star attraction on the SEAT stand, at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. With the Geneva Motor Show being the most high-profile event in the automotive calendar, the race was on to make sure that our new model was on time, in perfect condition, and arrived in complete secrecy when it made its debut appearance on the international stage. Find out about what goes into getting the All-new Ibiza ready for the sector’s most important international event:

Geneva Motor Show 2017 – The New Ibiza, In the Spotlight

600 turns per day, at the centre of attention: The All-new Ibiza was displayed on a constantly rotating turntable at the centre of the stand. It spun a total of about 600 times per day, so that it could be admired from every angle.

200 spotlights made a shining statement: 200 spotlights illuminated the SEAT stand in Geneva, so that the lines of each of the models could be admired as they were designed.

11 cars on the field and a twin on the bench: In addition to the 11 cars on display, a twin model of the star attraction, the new SEAT Ibiza, was also transported. And a team of professionals with spare parts and paint were on hand to make sure, in case of any unforeseen event, the vehicles were displayed in perfect condition.

The accuracy of each level surface and flush on the car is verified.

The accuracy of each level surface and flush on the car is verified.

Millimetric precision: 36 hours before the doors to the event opened, a Production and Quality team were charged with placing each vehicle in its exact location, studied for months beforehand in 3D. With the cars in place, they rotated the wheels by hand until all the logos were perfectly lined up.


360° perfection: All area heads were involved with the model as they carefully circled the entire car to check that it was ready to be displayed. The harmony of the paint, the exterior and interior trim, and the accuracy of each level surface were all checked. This was to make sure everything was flush, and to ensure everything had the utmost precision.

By land, sea and air: The 11 cars were transported by road from Martorell to Geneva; 800 kilometres under special dust covers. When events like these are held overseas, the vehicles are even flown or shipped to the location.

A sealed envelope to ensure secrecy: A special padlocked cover and a traditional wax seal guaranteed that the confidential model, the All-new Ibiza, remained a secret until the event. The keys to the car were also transported in a sealed envelope, in the same fashion.

12 km without ever leaving the stand: The hustle and bustle involved in preparing a motorshow does not end when the doors finally open. This was confirmed by the 12 kilometres that each member of the Marketing team walked every day of the event, without ever leaving the SEAT stand.

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